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Algerian Children’s Perceptions of their Rights and their Self-Reported Personal and Contextual Experiences

posted Jun 30, 2017, 12:47 AM by Naomi Naghi   [ updated Jul 1, 2017, 1:05 PM ]
Journal of Social Research & Policy
Volume: 7, Issue: 2, Pp. 93-108
Date: December 2016
ISSN: 2067-2640 (print), 2068-9861 (electronic)

Abstract: This research explored the relationships between the knowledge and the perceptions of children of their rights with their self-reported personal and contextual experiences. In its first part accomplishments in the area of child rights of the country of Algeria are discussed. Then, the results of a field study are presented. They concerned children of 5th grade primary and 1st year Middle schools (N=962, Mean age: 11.76, SD: 1.18, age range: 09–17 years). Measures consisted of an adapted version of an international survey questionnaire measuring children’s subjective well-being and ecological contexts in childhood and adolescence. Results indicate that less than half of the students know what children’s rights are with a marginal difference favouring girls, one third have heard of the International Convention on Child Rights (CRC) and also less than half of the respondents agree that adults respect children’s rights. Other demographic characteristics (age, family financial status, and absenteeism from school) have marginal to no deferential effect on children’s rights perspectives.

Correlations between the personal and contextual factors of well-being were found high but negative with being victim of bullying. Regression analyses indicate initially a predictive power of age and adult’s respect of children’s rights. The effects of these two factors remained strong when other contextual and personal factors were entered in the equation. The paper concluded that satisfaction with life, happiness, and well-being of children was conditioned with the improvement of diverse contextual and relational aspects of their lives. Adapted intervention strategies have been recommended towards the improvement of children’s lives in general.

 Keywords: Children’s Rights; CRC; Child Legislation; Child Well-Being; Contextual Factors of Well-Being; Personal Factors of Well-Being; Algerian Children.




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Naomi Naghi,
Jul 1, 2017, 1:02 PM