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The EU framework to enhance Minimum Income Schemes after the crisis: the case of Spain

posted Jun 14, 2018, 4:11 AM by Smaranda Cioban   [ updated Feb 19, 2019, 1:46 AM by Sara Topciu ]
Laura Gómez Urquijo1
Journal of Social Research & Policy
 Online First
Date: June 2018
ISSN: 2067-2640 (print), 2068-9861 (electronic)
Abstract: Abstract:In this article we inquire about coherence of the current EU framework to impulse Minimum Income Schemes in Member States to contribute to social inclusion objectives. To answer this question, first, we will revise the current EU provisions to define and monitor income policies at a national level. In order to assess the influence of the EU framework in enhancing a minimum scheme policy in Member States, we will contrast this framework with the diversity of systems at national level and, in particular, at regional level in the specific case of Spain. 
Keywords: Minimum income; social policy; European Union, inclusion; Spain
1 Postal Address: Avda. Universidades 24, 48005, Bilbao, Spain.  E-mail Address:

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