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Welfare states have made well-being one of the main focuses of public policies. Social policies entail, however, complicated, and sometimes almost insurmountable, issues of prioritization, measurement, problem evaluation or strategic and technical decision making concerning aim-setting or finding the most adequate means to ends. Given the pressures to effectiveness it is no wonder that the last several decades have witnessed the imposition of research-based social policies as standard as well as the development of policy-oriented research methodologies. Legitimate social policies are, in this context, more and more dependent on the accurate use of diagnostic methods, of sophisticated program evaluation approaches, of benchmarking and so on. Inspired by this acute interest, our journal aims to host primarily articles based on policy research and methodological approaches of policy topics. Our journal is open to sociologically informed contributions from anthropologists, psychologists, statisticians, economists, historians and political scientists. General theoretical papers are also welcomed if do not deviate from the interests stated above. The editors also welcome reviews of books that are relevant to the topics covered in the journal.

Volume 10, Issue 1 May 2019

Adrian Hatos, Roxana Hatos

Varieties of capitalism and academic achievement. Does the welfare production regime have an impact on 15 years’ old Mathematics results?

Tárkányi Ákos

Real beggars? Life history interviews

Karolina Eszter Kovács

The relationship between social structure and education in the system of sports schools

Alin Croitoru

Predictors of Self-Employment upon Return Migration: A Study among Young Returnees from Latvia, Romania, and Slovakia

Monu Lal Sharma, Akbar Hussain

Role of Caste and Gender in School Readiness among Children Attending Early Childhood Education (ECE) Programme in India

Marwan T. Al-Zoubi, Khawlah M. AL-Tkhayne AL Ain

Employees’ Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its Consequence on Job Satisfaction

Omar Lujan, Harald Bauder

Social Progress and Academic Migration: Destination Canada

Volume 9, Issue 2 December 2018

Giorgi Melikidze

Party System Institutionalization in Post-Soviet Georgia

Pui-Yuen Lin

Social movements and democratization: a research approach to political transformation in China

Azam Sazvar, Mahmood Yahyazadehfar, Mehrdad Madhoushi, Meisam Shirkhodaei

Mixing Policy Tools in Science and Technology: A Systematic Review

Vassilis Pavlopoulos

Politics, Economics, and the Far Right in Europe: Social Psychological Perspectives

Mònica González-Carrasco, Gemma Crous, Dolors Navarro, Ferran Casas, Marta Peracaula,

Mariona Niell, Meritxell Estebanell, Jordi Freixenet

Using Educational Technology to Improve Creativity and Socio-emotional-Learning Competences among Gifted and Talented Children

Elyse Barletta-Sherwin, Ramona Stone

An Examination of the Relationship between Food Security and Body Weight in Children

Luciana C Manfredi, Ana M Arboleda

The effect of legitimacy on conscientious behaviors: The case of an electricity provider organization 

ISSN (print) 2067-2640
ISSN (electronic) 2068-9861

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