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Welfare states have made well-being one of the main focuses of public policies. Social policies entail, however, complicated, and sometimes almost insurmountable, issues of prioritization, measurement, problem evaluation or strategic and technical decision making concerning aim-setting or finding the most adequate means to ends. Given the pressures to effectiveness it is no wonder that the last several decades have witnessed the imposition of research-based social policies as standard as well as the development of policy-oriented research methodologies. Legitimate social policies are, in this context, more and more dependent on the accurate use of diagnostic methods, of sophisticated program evaluation approaches, of benchmarking and so on. Inspired by this acute interest, our journal aims to host primarily articles based on policy research and methodological approaches of policy topics. Our journal is open to sociologically informed contributions from anthropologists, psychologists, statisticians, economists, historians and political scientists. General theoretical papers are also welcomed if do not deviate from the interests stated above. The editors also welcome reviews of books that are relevant to the topics covered in the journal.

Volume 7, Issue 2 December 2016

Jospeh P. Vitta
Assessing the Predictors of Political Engagement among Northern Irish Youth

Clifford Gomba
Why people become teachers: A case of teachers at a rural secondary school 

Alex Trillo, Giovani Burgos, Michael Schwartz
Institutional Ties and Homeless Family Trajectories: How Homeless Mothers Engage with Policy to Create Opportunities for Mobility

Diana Amber, Jesús Domingo
The Discourse on the Unemployment of People over 45 Years Old in Times of Crisis. A Study of Spanish Blogs

Wichuda Satidporn, Stithorn Thananithichot
The Political Dynamics of Social Security Policy in Thailand before 1990

Habib Tiliouine
Algerian Children’s Perceptions of their Rights and their Self-Reported Personal and Contextual Experiences

Book reviews

Adela Lazăr
Hatos A. (Ed.). Guidebook for Sociology and Social Work on the Labor Market (Ghid Orientativ Sociologie-Asistență Socială pe piața muncii). Cluj-Napoca: Presa Universitară Clujeană, 2015, 177p.

ISSN (print) 2067-2640
ISSN (electronic) 2068-9861

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